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  Player Information

Player Profile

Steam Community Avatar
Belgium H0m3r_Th3_Gr3at
Steam: STEAM_0:1:127093300
Status: Offline
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Karma: In good standing
Member of Clan: (None)
Real Name: (Not Specified)
E-mail Address: (Not Specified)
Home Page: (Not Specified)
MM Rank: rank
Last Connect:* Sun. Nov. 14th, 2021 @ 14:12:40
Total Connection Time: 5d 18:12:22h
Average Ping:* 35 ms (Latency: 18 ms)
Favorite Server:* [DreamZGC] AWP Only | Bhop !Knife !WS !Store Ranks 128 Tick DeathCam
Favorite Map:* workshop/1598035845/awp_fort_dreamz
Favorite Weapon:* Arctic Warfare Magnum (Police)

Statistics Summary

Activity: 100%
Points: 16,278
Rank: 329
Kills per Minute: 0.63
Kills per Death: 0.8082 (1.07*)
Headshots per Kill: 0.2045 (0.1644*)
Shots per Kill: -
Weapon Accuracy: 0.0% (0%*)
Headshots: 1,074 (347*)
Kills: 5,251 (2,111*)
Deaths: 6,497 (1,968*)
Longest Kill Streak: 5
Longest Death Streak: 22
Suicides: 35
Teammate Kills: 0 (0*)

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  Miscellaneous Statistics

Player Trend
Player Trend Graph
Forum Signature

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Current rank: Group Commander
Group Commander
Kills needed: 499 (33%)
Rank history
Recruit Private Private First Class Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Master Sergeant First Sergeant Master Chief Sergeant Major Ensign Third Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Group Captain Senior Captain Lieutenant Major Major Group Major Lieutenant Commander Commander

  Awards (hover over image to see name)

Supreme AK47 Supreme AWP Sniper Supreme PP Bizon Supreme Desert Eagle Supreme Bomb Defuser Supreme Dual Beretta Elites Supreme Inferno Supreme Five-Seven Supreme G3 SG1 Supreme Galilar Supreme Glock Supreme Headshots Supreme HE Grenades Supreme Hostage Killer Supreme Combat Knife Award of Lowpinger Supreme M249 Supreme M4A4 Supreme MAC-10 Award of MAG-7 Supreme Most Kills Supreme MP7 Supreme MP9 Supreme Negev Supreme Nova Supreme P2000 Supreme P250 Award of P90 Supreme Bomb Planter Supreme Hostage Rescuer Supreme Most Valuable Player Award of Sawed-Off Supreme SCAR-20 Supreme SG 08 Supreme SG 553 Supreme Suicides Supreme Zeus x27 Supreme Team Kills Supreme Tec9 Supreme UMP-45 Supreme XM Shotgun
Global Awards

  Player Actions *

Rank Action Earned sort-descending.gif Accumulated Points
1 Double Kill (2 kills) 395 times 395
2 Headshot 347 times 347
3 Triple Kill (3 kills) 86 times 172
4 Domination (4 kills) 17 times 51
5 Rampage (5 kills) 1 times 4

  Team Selection *

Rank Team Joined sort-descending.gif % Ratio
1 Terrorist 227 times 50.90%
2 Counter-Terrorist 212 times 47.53%

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